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Encryption is a must need for today’s PC’s. Every day there is the threat of your system becoming the latest victim of intrusion. The proper setup of anti-virus technology, firewalls, and system protection is crucial in keeping your system and the world wide web safe and operational. If your system becomes infected it can spread those virus threats throughout the world if you are connected to the web. Here at COMSYSTECH we employ some of the best methods and applications to protect your system from any outside attacks. There are many applications available so you need to choose the best ones for your particular system.

Did you know?

Many do not realize there are many influences that go beyond simply any virus that would effect your system’s operation. Heat, humidity, ventilation (and yes dust bunnies) can have a detrimental affect on your system. Anything electrical tends to attract dust and it can clog the ventilation and cooling parts of your system. The system will slow down and will in many cases shut down to protect itself from overheating. Sluggish performance is not limited to internal software but also the hardware itself. We will help you decide the best course of action to keep your system up to full potential. Your system is like an automobile. It needs a periodic “tune- up” which includes scanning for viruses, unwanted bloatware, and those pesky cookies that clog your system. Keeping the hardware clean and lint free is a must too. We do periodic cleaning to remove any unwanted of those viruses and lint. Want to know just how much dust will collect? Take your finger and swipe it across your monitor.
Computer Repairs

Data Recovery

Computer Systems Technology will diagnose  your PC’s problems and determine the best course of action to return your system to fast and reliable operational condition. If you have lost some data like personal photos and other documents, more often than not we can recover them for you and restore them to your system. On the other side, we can destroy data you do not want accessible to the point of not being recoverable by anyone like when you purchase a new system.
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